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    Barons Market Aims to Raise the Bar in Store Design

    New store will feature unique concepts from Studio H2G

    Baron's Market

    This summer, community-based independent Barons Market has plans to transform its 15,000-square-foot Alpine location into the leader in a new breed of grocery stores.

    The San Diego-based independent is working with designers at Studio H2G on the new concept store. The design firm has established a reputation for challenging conventional ideas and turning ordinary space into elaborate extensions of brand. Its team, made up of Principal Julie Dugas, Senior Designers Andrea Davis and Karen Currie, and Designer Kirk Schumacher, incorporated Alpine’s community spirit and the local Barons Market style to create an exceptional customer shopping experience.

    “Julie has worked on all four of our other stores in San Diego, and decided to do something completely new for Alpine because the neighborhood is unlike any other,” said Barons marketing manager, Rachel Shemirani. “She looked at our empty space like a blank canvas, then turned to the community for inspiration. When she proposed her ideas for the interior decor, they were exactly in line with the Barons brand and what we want to bring to the community for Barons Market, Alpine.”

    Studio H2G’s plans for Barons Market, Alpine, include:

    • Strong wood ceilings, stained in various colors of green to create a warm, rustic environment
    • Burlap bags draped around the hanging ceiling lights draw the shoppers attention and light a humble, cozy atmosphere
    • One shiny, teal wall as the feature of the store, an eye-catcher immediately upon entering
    • Textured wood and pops of color throughout to convey a sense of casual sophistication
    • A colorful wood ceiling runway drapes from above and subtly lead shoppers to the taste directly from the Barons kitchen in the back
    • A beer cooler encased in planked wood with graphics and text carved out, including a large “Cheers!” seem to say it all

    Implementation of Studio H2G’s design for the new store has already begun with the help of Dan Martorana with MKA Inc. Architecture. This will be Baron’s fifth store.






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