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    ‘The Other White Meat’ is Now The Other Pork Slogan

    The National Pork Board replaced the slogan with “Pork, Be Inspired.”

    With a new focus on reaching creative, flavor-seeking home cooks who already prepare, eat, and love pork, the National Pork Board has launched a new branding position celebrating pork’s ability to offer a wide range of meal options.

    With PORK as the brand, the new campaign of: “Pork, Be inspired” shows pork’s place in almost any menu, time of day, cuisine, and lifestyle, based on pork’s combination of flavor and versatility as the source of kitchen inspiration.

    “Our research shows that pork’s top consumers are open to more than the basics with pork,” said Jarrod Sutton, AVP of channel marketing at the National Pork Board. “They’re looking for inspiration because they already know and love pork. While our new target represents our biggest fans, we believe we can help them enjoy pork even more often – and inspire their friends to do the same."

    The new, fully integrated campaign features an updated look and feel, along with a new consumer target: the more than 82 million Americans who already cook, eat, and love pork. Moving from a functional to a more emotional positioning, the campaign was developed in a voice that is proud, energetic, approachable, and unapologetically optimistic about the unique attributes of the world's most popular protein.

    The new campaign rolls out this March and April, and includes national consumer advertising, public relations, social media, and promotions by state pork associations. A full section of PorkRetail.org will be dedicated to introducing retailers to the new brand positioning, and providing resources to assist them in including the new brand in merchandising materials. Point-of-sale materials will be available, including an ironman sign, poster, and recipe brochure. All marketing elements showcase are designed to inspire new ways to enjoy pork more frequently, with a range of easy to prepare meal options.

    Recent consumer segmentation research from the National Pork Board found that 82 million Americans are “Pork Champions” – men and women who are predominantly medium to heavy fresh pork eaters with a strong passion for pork that they are eager to share. According to NPB, this group:

    • Represents approximately 28 percent of U.S. households but accounts for roughly 68 percent of all in-home fresh pork consumption and 50 percent of all away-from-home fresh pork consumption.
    • Enjoys cooking and experimenting with new flavors in the kitchen, understands how to cook pork, and in general looks at life with a positive outlook.

    Nearly 25 years ago, the Pork The Other White Meat campaign was conceived to reposition pork as a healthful protein source. Today, The Other White Meat campaign will play a role as a heritage brand, with use on the consumer web site and in nutrition communications. The Other White Meat campaign will not be featured in advertising.

    “Our new campaign communicates to the legion of pork fans that pork is delicious, versatile, and can stand on its own,” added Sutton. “We will be working with our retail partners to communicate Pork’s new message and inspire consumers to enjoy a variety of pork dishes, one meal after another.”

    For more information on the Pork Be inspired campaign, visit www.PorkRetail.org.



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