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    Ahold’s Astrachan Hands Off PBH Gavel to Stemilt’s Pepperl

    Group seeks volunteers for nine new task forces

    Roger Pepperl, of Stemilt Growers, Inc., was elected chair of Produce for Better Health Foundation's (PBH) board of trustees at its 2011 Annual Meeting in Monterey, Calif., earlier this month while outgoing 2010 chair Andrea Astrachan of Ahold USA was recognized for her service during her leadership tenure.

    "I wish new chair Roger Pepperl all the best," said Astrachan, noting that she looks forward to continuing her support “of the foundation and the Fruits & Veggies-More Matters national public health initiative, and spreading the message that eating more fruits and vegetables really does matter to better health."

    Other new PBH officers installed during the annual meeting include: vice chair Paul Palmby, Seneca Foods Corp.; secretary/treasurer Marty Ordman, Dole Food Co.; consumer marketing and communications committee chair Gaines Chamberlain, Food Lion Stores, Inc.; and donor marketing and outreach committee chair Don Goodwin, Golden Sun Marketing.

    For 2011, there are six returning at-large members of PBH's executive committee:

    • Rick Bruno, Sun-Maid Growers of California
    • Dionysios (Dennis) Christou, Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A., Inc.
    • Lori Miller, McDonald's Corp.
    • Heather Mizrahi, The Walt Disney Co.
    • Mac Riggan, Chelan Fresh Marketing
    • Suzanne Wolter, Rainier Fruit Co., Inc.
    • Steve Tsujimoto, Safeway, at-large committee member.

    In related news, the Hockessin, Del.-based PBH is seeking members to serve on nine new task forces that were established at the annual meeting, each of which will require three to five volunteers. Anybody in the industry, including colleagues of those currently involved, may serve on a task force, and it is permissible to serve on more than one task force.

    "We often hear from industry members that they want to help, above and beyond a monetary donation, so we identified targeted projects where we could use specific help,” explained Elizabeth Pivonka, PBH president and CEO. “They are called 'task forces' because once the project is complete, the task force will end. We'll have new task forces over time as other projects crop up where we could use specific help,” she said, adding that the task forces “are meant to be small and nimble and most will not take a lot of time, but will offer industry members the opportunity to provide input as well as hands-on assistance."

    Several of the task forces will report their progress on Friday morning, Oct. 14, in Atlanta, during the PMA convention. One task force reports directly to the PBH Executive Committee, the other task forces report to either PBH's Donor Marketing & Outreach Committee or PBH's Consumer Marketing & Communications Committee.

    The nine new task forces are: Annual and Fall Meeting Planning; PMA Convention Task Force; Speaking Forum Task Force; Donor Impact Continuum Task Force; Resource Guide Task Force; Solicit Research From/By Donors Task Force; Fruit and Vegetable Messaging Task Force; Retail Use of Fruits & Veggies-More Matters Logo & Core Messages Task Force; and the Half the Plate and Cost of Fruits & Vegetables Task Force.

    To volunteer or learn more details about service on any of the new task forces, please contact PBH EVP Kristen Stevens at [email protected], or by phone at (302) 235-2329, extension 312.

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