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    Albertsons' Loyalty Card 'Isn’t So Special Anymore’

    Eliminates loyalty cards; embraces EDLP, excellent service 

    “IT IS ABOUT TIME a supermarket breaks away from the pack. Go for it. Thanks.”

    That was one of several positive reactions Albertsons LLC generated from a customer following its announcement that it’s eliminating loyalty cards effective immediately.

    The departure of its Preferred Card that’s no longer required at any of its stores to receive sale prices comes on the heels of Albertsons LLC’s move earlier this week to merge its online platforms for its website and social media accounts with those of the former Supervalu-owned Albertsons to give users a single online experience.

    Communications director Christine Wilcox discussed the changes first-hand on the retailer’s website:

    “Once upon a time, a shopper card set customers aside. It meant that you were taking extra steps to save money, and we offered special items that were only available at special prices when you had the special card.

    “The card isn’t so special anymore. Everyone has one. So we want to take the special step of not requiring one anymore.

    “Our customers are the only reasons that our doors open every day. Because of you, we exist. It’s that simple. We feel it’s our job to give everyone a great shopping experience, and that includes offering great prices to everyone.

    “If your Preferred Card is attached to your uPromise account, that’s okay. You will still be able to have your card scanned when you purchase your groceries and your account activity will be appropriately reflected. If you currently use your Preferred Card to earn Fuel Rewards, you can still scan it when you shop. I know your next question is, ‘will Fuel Rewards be going away soon, too?’ We haven’t yet made a decision on that, but we are reviewing it closely and if any changes are made, you’ll be the first to know.”

    Nothing like straight-talking to get customers on board with a bold new initiative.

    What is your take on Albertsons’ dissing loyalty cards in favor of card-free EDLP savings?


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