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    CGA Pres. Joins Gov. and Industry Leaders to Press for ‘No-Gimmicks Budget’

    The association supports Governor’s effort to take final decision to voters

    California Grocers Association president Ronald Fong joined representatives from business, law enforcement, agriculture, education, labor, and infrastructure and California Governor Jerry Brown at a press conference today urging legislators to pass a “balanced, no gimmicks budget.”

    “This year, perhaps more than any other, will require extraordinary leadership and compromise from the Governor and Legislature,” Fong said following the press event. “Our presence here today hopefully sends a strong message to both that the time has come for all sides to unite for the common good of the state.”

    Governor Brown invited the coalition of supporters to participate in the press conference in hopes of swaying state legislators to present a budget that included new taxes to be approved by California voters. The Governor met with the group prior to the event to discuss the status of budget negotiations.

    Fong added that as anchors of the communities they serve, California grocers are committed to the state’s success. “Our first priority is our customers, which means our first priority is California,” he said. “Let’s work together to restore our state’s greatness.”

    While CGA supports the Governor’s intention to allow voters to decide on any type of tax increase, Fong emphasized that it wasn’t an endorsement of the Governor’s budget. “To be clear, there are components of the current budget proposal that we wish looked different,” Fong said. “It is time to pass a budget that includes both long-term reform in key policy areas and an opportunity for voters to weigh in on tax extensions.”

    Lawmakers are required to send the Governor a balanced budget by June 15, or lose pay beginning the following day, according to State Controller John Chiang.

    The California Grocers Association is a Sacramento-based non-profit trade association representing
    approximately 500 retail members operating over 6,000 food stores in California and Nevada.


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