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    Coca-Cola ‘Shakes Up Christmas’ With Catchy Train Tune

    Promotion is rolling across more than 90 markets.

    The Coca-Cola Co. is embarking on plans for a worldwide marketing campaign that builds on its wealth of classic brand imagery, including Santa Claus, the Coca-Cola Christmas “caravan” delivery trucks and the Coca-Cola Polar Bear, while adding to the mix a new song by Grammy-winning band Train. The campaign, an extension of the global “Open Happiness” marketing platform, recently launched in more than 90 countries through a new television commercial, digital experiences, in-store promotions and packaging.

    Additionally the program, developed through a collaboration of marketing teams at Coca-Cola Germany, along with the global brand team, employs the first new creative used in a global holiday campaign for the Coca-Cola brand since “Christmas Caravan” depicted holiday-themed delivery trucks.

    “We know that during the holiday season, people are looking for moments of inspiration to remind them how special the holidays are and connect them with friends and family,” said Shay Drohan, SVP sparkling brands at Atlanta-based Coca-Cola. “Our 2010 holiday campaign shows how a catalyst such as the spirit of the holidays, the festive images of Santa Claus, a memorable holiday tune or sharing a Coca-Cola can inspire moments of happiness and bring people together.”

    The new TV ad “Snow Globe,” created in collaboration with McCann, Madrid, begins with several vignettes of individuals who feel separated from friends and family: a young man working late at night in a grocery store, a couple on opposite ends of a park bench, and even a lonely dog in an alley. The shot widens to show they exist in a glass snow globe sitting on Santa’s workshop desk. Taking a break to have a Coca-Cola, Santa is inspired to lift the snow globe and gently tilt it as Train’s “Shake Up Christmas” comes on the soundtrack. This action causes the Coca-Cola Christmas Caravan delivery trucks to roll into action and unites the couple on the bench, sends the grocery clerk into a shopping cart and rolling through the streets to burst through the front door of the home where his family is waiting to celebrate the holidays with him, in addition to the no-longer-lonely pup.

    The Train song features prominently in the campaign and will be promoted through live performances by band on its current tour. Tying a commercially released song to one of its marketing campaign isn’t new to the brand: The international hit “Wavin’ Flag” by K’NAAN was used by Coca-Cola for its successful 2010 FIFA World Cup campaign this past summer.

    “The song ‘Shake Up Christmas’ is inspired by childhood memories of spending time with family and sharing the happiness and hope that the season brings,” explained Pat Monahan, lead vocalist and founding member of Train, whose partnership with Coca-Cola was developed through Atlanta-based boutique innovation house Deviant Ventures. “Having it be part of the Coca-Cola campaign is a wonderful way to share that sentiment with a bigger audience.”

    Produced by Butch Walker, “Shake Up Christmas” will be released as a single worldwide and is included as a bonus track on the deluxe version of Train’s latest album “Save Me, San Francisco (Golden Gate Edition),” which launched globally in early Nov. from Sony Music.

    The band debuted “Shake Up Christmas” at a concert at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire arena late last month. The concert was filmed by MTV and will air globally as part of the cable network’s “World Stage” programming.

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