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September 28, 2016

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    CPAC ‘Springs Ahead’ with Seasonal Campaign

    Highlights the ‘convenience of potatoes for on-the-go meal planning’

    To continue promoting its more than 100 varieties of spuds, the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee (CPAC) has launched the “Spring Ahead” installment of its “Five Distinct Potato Seasons” campaign, running March through May.

    “Spring Ahead,” as the name implies, aims to tune into warm weather, outdoor fun and the convenience of potatoes for on-the-go meal planning. With Colorado’s vast selection of potatoes, the campaign’s new installment is a natural springboard for deep purple varieties, which are packed with antioxidants and maintain their color in salads and side dishes.

    Additionally, the CPAC’s website and social media feature a wealth of recipes, meal ideas and nutrition data. “We explain how the different colors of potatoes provide different nutrients,” said Linda Weyers, assistant director for the Monte Vista-based CPAC. “The purples and deeper-colored varieties are very high in antioxidants, and the russets and yellows are good sources of potassium and vitamin C.”

    "All potatoes are heart-healthy, and there’s information now that show they also help lower blood pressure,” Weyers added. “And each of our potato varieties is perfect for warm weather preparation – they’re great in soups and salads and are wonderful grilled.”

    The seasonal campaign, developed by the U.S. Potato Board to reach a composite female consumer dubbed “Linda,” began in fall 2012 with the “Back on Track” installment. The winter holidays featured “Plus Up Potatoes,” designed to focus on traditional meals and festive entertaining, and “Nurture Me” emphasized late winter activities in January and February. This summer's installment, “Lighten Up,” will focus on fun meals and an “out-of-the-box” approach to cooking.

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