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    Mobile Coupons Surpassing Print, Desktop in Popularity

    43 percent of consumers using mobile search: RetailMeNot + Placed study

    More consumers are searching for coupons via mobile app than in print, with mobile apps being the top place to find coupons, according to insights from a new partner study by RetailMeNot and Placed.

    The study – which is based on 10,843 consumer responses and is titled "The State of Coupons and the Role of Mobile" – delivers what its authors declare to be one of the most extensive analyses to date around consumer trends in couponing and the impact that mobile has had in changing the shopping planning process.

    Among the key findings:

    • Coupons remain the shopper's primary savings method. More than three in five consumers actively seek out coupons in preference of other types of promotions.
    • Coupon users plan ahead before redeeming -- 85 percent look for coupons (non-grocery) prior to visiting a retailer.
    • Mobile apps are the top go-to place to find coupons, with 43 percent of consumers now turning to mobile apps when seeking out coupons, alongside 36 percent who look to print.

    While coupons are still the number one incentive consumers prefer, "Coupons are no longer limited to Sunday circulars," said Marissa Tarleton, CMO, North America, RetailMeNot Inc. "Mobile has made coupons an on-demand activity, with nearly half of consumers preferring to look for coupons via a mobile app, the number one choice for conducting searches. Retailers who embrace this change in consumer behavior to deliver offers at all stages of the planning process are poised to capture sales in the moment." 

    Mobile Apps Are Key for Deal-seekers

    With three in five consumers actively seeking out coupons when planning to shop, the coupon usage study found that mobile apps have become the primary source for deal-seekers: 42.8 percent of consumers typically use mobile to locate coupons, followed by print at 35.9 percent and across all platforms at 28.8 percent of consumers. 

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