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    Draeger’s Markets Sees $126k in Energy Savings from Green Initiative

    The grocer teamed up with EnergySmart Grocer and PG&E on the project

    Draeger’s Markets, a gourmet grocery market with four locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, saved ,more than $126,000 in savings through an initiative with EnergySmart Grocer and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) including approximately $70,000 in measure rebates.

    “Working with EnergySmart Grocer simplifies what would be a very arduous process,” said Richard Draeger, owner of Draeger’s Market. “EnergySmart Grocer does all the work for you. Our project exceeded our payback analysis. Of all the things you could invest in these days (as grocers), energy efficiency by far can give you the best payback.”

    Over an eight month period, Draeger’s completed several phases of its on-going energy efficiency retrofit plan. Measures implemented included anti-sweat heat controls, ECM motors in refrigerated cases and walk-ins, floating head and floating suction pressure controls, lighting retrofits, and occupancy sensors. Combined, the energy efficiency improvements created a projected annual savings of $126,720 and 974,763 kWh, generating a 10 to 12.25 percent reduction in average daily kWh usage chainwide.

    A no-cost energy audit performed by EnergySmart Grocer, a program funded by PG&E providing customized energy solutions tailored to grocery stores, revealed the opportunity to retrofit systems and upgrade technologies.

    The Program’s expert field energy analyst, Matt di Cicco, attributes the projects’ success to the grocer’s proactive approach to energy efficiency. “Draeger’s was interested in measures beyond what the customers’ eyes can see,” he said. “They have implemented over 15 significant projects with EnergySmart Grocer in just over a year, maximizing payback benefits, rebates, and impact on their bottom line.”

    The grocer explored various available energy technologies before discovering the tremendous benefits of pursuing high-efficiency retrofits through EnergySmart Grocer. Thanks to the Program’s rebates, which offset the upfront cost by an impressive $71,392.50, Draeger’s implemented the recommended upgrades at a low initial investment, increasing the overall value of the project. Rebates provided by the program shorten the payback period while increasing return on investment, allowing grocers to adopt new energy efficient technology at an affordable price.

    “Customers appreciate anything we do to be more environmentally sensitive,” added Draeger. “In terms of reducing our carbon footprint, working with EnergySmart Grocer is by far the most significant thing we’ve done.”

    Draeger’s, EnergySmart Grocer and PG&E will celebrate the project’s success with a big check event held at their San Mateo location at 8:30 am on October 25, 2011.
    San Francisco-based Draeger’s Markets operates four stores located in Menlo Park, Los Altos, San Mateo and Danville.

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