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    Fresh Express Offerings Are ‘Organic But More’

    Retailer awareness campaign kicks off in tandem with 2 new products

    To coincide with its introduction of two more organic salad mixes, Fresh Express, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cincinnati-based Chiquita Brands has rolled out an retailer awareness campaign, “Organic But More,” that emphasizes the extra benefits of buying Fresh Express USDA certified organic salads. With the addition of Organic Baby Sweet Lettuce and Organic 50/50 Mix (left), the Fresh Express organic salad clamshell line now consists of eight varieties.

    “[The] two new organic salads mixes … are a perfect match for what consumers seek,” said Bob Stallman, Chiquita general manager for salads and ingredients. “To highlight our full array of organic salads and what makes them so different, we are also launching a campaign that features the many benefits retailers gain from a partnership with Fresh Express.”

    In addition to providing products grown in strict accordance with USDA requirements for organic produce, Fresh Express strives to provide even more of the added benefits consumers and retailers seek. For instance, each organic salad is processed according to the rigorous Fresh Express “7 Steps of Prevention Food Safety” program, a multi-step total supply-chain approach to food protection. All Fresh Express organic salads are also manufactured in organic-certified Fresh Express facilities, and only approved farmers who meet USDA’s organic requirements and Fresh Express’s proprietary requirements for planting, growing and harvesting lettuce and leafy greens are allowed to supply ingredients for the brand’s ready-to-eat organic salads.

    Further, all Fresh Express Organic Salads are washed with Fresh Rinse, an eco-friendly fresh produce wash invented by Fresh Express that has been proved to dramatically reduce the potential for certain pathogens, versus traditional chlorine produce washes.

    Retailers also benefit from the convenience of having one source for both their organic and conventional salad program needs. Single-source purchasing from Fresh Express results in one-stop ordering ease as well as single truck delivery convenience. Retailers can rely on the technical, quality and food safety advancements developed specifically by Fresh Express and integrated exclusively in its product line.

    Moreover, retailers are supported by the Fresh Express category management team, which is dedicated to helping them build their organic salad sales success, along with their overall value-added salad sales and profits.

    To learn more about the Fresh Express Organic program, call 831-775-2300 or visit www.FreshExpress.com.

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