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    Frieda’s Promotes Chinese New Year Produce

    Includes extensive line of Asian specialties to celebrate ‘Year of the Snake’

    Frieda’s Inc., a leader in the specialty Asian produce category, has unveiled a series of recommended products to help retailers ring in the “Year of the Snake,” including Baby Bok Choy, Lemongrass, Oroblancos, Pummelos, Kumquats, Daikon, Young Coconuts, Rambutan, Won Ton Wrappers and Kim Chee, among others.

    Beginning Feb. 10, Asian cultures around the world will celebrate the 15-day tradition which represents intuition and refinement in the Chinese Zodiac. Families and friends will gather over special feasts with foods to symbolize abundance, wealth, longevity and good fortune.

    Frieda’s is working to build festive in-store promotions during the first weeks of February, and will provide educational resources for produce staff, key merchandising recommendations, as well as artwork for Chinese New Year POS signage.

    Since 1973, Frieda’s has worked with produce retailers to promote Asian produce specialties for the Chinese New Year. “It’s one of the biggest food-centered holidays after Thanksgiving, so it’s a great opportunity for retailers to boost produce sales,” said Karen Caplan, president and CEO of Los Alamitos, Calif.-based Frieda’s.

    Frieda’s will also launch a Chinese New Year “Red Envelope” promotion on its Facebook page, where consumers can sign up to receive Frieda’s dollars in traditional red Chinese Gift Envelopes.

    With the mission of changing the way America eats fruits and vegetables, Frieda’s has introduced more than 200 specialty items to U.S. produce departments, including Kiwifruit, Spaghetti Squash, Habanero Peppers and Black Garlic, among others.

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