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    Guess Bud Light’s Super Bowl Spots

    A-B invites Facebook fans to unlock secrets of game-day commercials

    Bud Light is going online to engage consumers in the run up to football’s biggest game of the year, inviting fans of the brand’s Facebook page to guess the storylines to each of its three Super Bowl ads.

    And if fans can “Unlock the Spot,” Bud Light will showcase a fourth, Internet-only ad exclusively for them.

    Bud Light has begun posting images from each of its Super Bowl commercials on the “Unlock the Spot” tab of www.Facebook.com/BudLight, with two additional images from each ad to follow over the next several days. The ads represent new chapters in Bud Light’s successful “Here We Go” campaign, but no further information about the commercials will be made available.

    If its community can work together to correctly identify the storyline of each ad by Saturday, Feb. 5, Bud Light will unlock a special, Internet-only 90-second commercial ahead of its scheduled release after the broadcast of Super Bowl XLV on Sunday, Feb. 6.

    “Every year there is anticipation, excitement and discussion about Super Bowl ads,” said Gregg Billmeyer, Anheuser-Busch VP of premium lights. “We wanted to give our fans their own piece of that – something that will encourage discussion among them, attract new fans and reward them all by giving them content they’d be the first to see.”

    Bud Light’s digital programming for the big game also extends to the brand’s experiential event in Dallas, the Bud Light Hotel. At Bud Light Hotel, Bud Light will become the first brand to build an official radio frequency identification application on Facebook Platform for guests to share their experience with friends. The unique service allows people to use a Facebook application to sync their Facebook account with an RFID-enabled token. By scanning the token at an RFID reader, users can automatically publish their activities at a particular event to their profile page without using a computer or mobile device. The 193-room Bud Light Hotel is a temporary re-branding of a hotel in the heart of downtown Dallas.

    Based in St. Louis, Anheuser-Busch holds a 48.9 percent share of U.S. beer sales to retailers. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the leading global brewer.


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