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    IDDBA’s Trio of Challengers Take the Cake

    Competition showcases  talents, recognition for stores

    Rose Adams, The Kroger Co., Stephanie Dillon, Hy-Vee Inc. and Jodi Schweiss, Schnuck Markets Inc., have been selected as the three contestants chosen to participate in the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association's (IDDBA) 16th annual Cake Decorating Challenge set to take place at the trade group’s upcoming seminar and expo in Anaheim, Calif., June 5-7.

    All told, there were 78 entrants from 21 supermarket chains who entered the cake decorating competition hosted annually by the Madison, Wis.-based IDDBA’s, whose executive director Carol Christison, explained: "I can't tell you how many times I've looked at a beautiful cake and said, ‘I wish I could do that!’ Well, I can't. I have the desire but I don't have the skill set. That's why I'm always so impressed with the cake portfolios sent in by decorators from supermarkets all over. They have the talent. They have the skill set. They have the ability to wow customers by making their special event memorable.”

    All of which is what Christison deems most importanat about the IDDBA Cake Decorating Challenge. “It allows creative cake artisans an opportunity to show off their incredible talents and to gain fame and recognition for themselves and for their stores. The level of excellence and commitment shown in this competition is spectacular. Come for the show; stay for the cake,” she quipped.

    The decorators receiving an all-expense paid trip to compete are:

    Rose Adams, The Kroger Co., Bloomfield Hills, Mich. – An experienced cake decorator of 33 years, Adams credits her skills to the guidance, expertise, and support of her manager and coworkers. She enjoys the creativity of her job and the way her department works together as a team.

    Stephanie Dillon, Hy-Vee Inc., Belton, Mo. -- Decorating cakes for 12 years, Dillon enjoys her job at Hy-Vee, which she describes as being not only a great place to work and learn, but also fun-filled everyday when creating sweet treats for her customers.

    Jodi Schweiss, Schnuck Markets Inc., St. Louis -- With 30 years in the bakery business and a background that includes custom and specialty cakes, cupcakes, and pastry, Schweiss also bakes, arranges cases, and decorates for the seasons.

    There are three phases to the Challenge. On Sunday, June 5, each contestant will decorate enough cakes to fill one multi-tiered, eight-foot bakery case. On Monday, June 6, each contestant will decorate a wedding cake. Tuesday, June 7 is a special "Decorator's Choice" theme event.

    IDDBA extends special thanks to the following store decorators who also entered the competition:

    Amy D. Adams, Publix Supermarket; Waynette Anderson, Food City #685; Belinda Bell, Rosauers; Jessica Bettens, Price Chopper; Jill M. Blancho, Hy-Vee; Barbara Borsuk, Fry's Supermarket; Carolyn Brooks, Giant Eagle; Mandy Brymer, QFC; Mark Anthony Bush Jr., Hy-Vee; Amanda Campbell, Kroger; Richard G. Castillo, Sweetbay Supermarket; Michalene Chalifoux, Kroger; Kathy Chastain, Food City; Kizer Cindy, Publix; Brandy Clark, Publix Greenwise; Iris Y. Claudio, Sweetbay Supermarket; Brenda Collins, Sweetbay Supermarket; Alana Conley, Sweetbay Supermarket; Dawnette D. Costa, Giant Eagle; Pamela Day, Food City; Katharine M. DeClerck, Jensen's Finest Foods; Melanie DeKeyrel Bell, Hy-Vee; Karen Farmer, Kroger; Nikki Elaine Fisher, Publix ; Jessica L. Foster, Hy-Vee; Tracy Gamble, The Cakery; Claudia Gentile, Publix; Jami Gima, QFC Bellevue Village; Danielle L. Greene, Giant Eagle #6502; Miranda Claire Greenhut, Publix Supermarkets #502; Margaret Griffin, Giant Eagle; Laurie Grissom, Walmart Supercenter; Stacie Hanselman, Hy-Vee; Betty L. Hartzell, Sweetbay Supermarket; Brittney Harvey, Giant Eagle; Ashley Hernandez, Sweetbay Supermarket; Brook Hovland, Rosauers; Christina Jenkins, Publix; Desiré Jordan, Publix; Missy Kirby, Kroger; Carolyn L. Kirwan, Schnucks; Rochelle Krueger, Walmart; Lisa Laib, Marketplace Foods, Broadway; Rosanna Lenihan, Publix Supermarket; Ellen Levande, Festival Foods; Karen Marie Lindow, Giant Eagle; Christy MacDowell, Publix; Delores McCann, Price Chopper; Sandy McNicol, QFC; Gail Meter, Giant Eagle; Megan Miller, Giant Eagle; Robyn Mindy, Fry's Foods (Kroger) ; Harmonie Moore, Harps; Tammy Nissen, Hy-Vee; June M. Odlum, Publix Greenwise; Britney Parlett, Publix; Elizabeth Raven, Price Chopper; Kelli Rico, Kroger; Cody Robinson, Publix; Janet Rondini, Giant Eagle; Barbara Rood, Wal-Mart; Rhoda Schultz, Hy-Vee; Lisa Shelby, Publix Supermarkets; Erica Sherrod, Publix Supermarkets Inc.; Mandy Solich, Publix; Brenda Sorenson, Smith's; Jenna Sparks, United Supermarkets; Kristin Stiegliz Thiel, Cash Wise Foods; Cathy Stringfellow-Hartman, Giant Eagle; Sharon Sykes, Hy-Vee; Michelle Trahan, Food City; Mary Wagner, J&B Foods; Roxanne Ware, Hy-Vee; Anne Marie Warner, Sweetbay Supermarket; Carolyn J. Williams, Kroger; Sara F. Wilson, Walmart.

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