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    Kroger Beefs Up Exclusive Texas Beef Line

    Retailer’s SW division expands Nolan Ryan line

    The Kroger Co.’s Southwest Texas division, which includes store locations in Texas and Louisiana, has expanded its exclusive partnership with Nolan Ryan Beef with 21 fresh cuts.

    “Kroger is thrilled to offer our customers another superior product line through the expansion of our partnership with Nolan Ryan Beef,” said Bill Breetz, Kroger Southwest Division president. “We find that many of our shoppers are looking for quality products that are also sourced locally. This product meets both of those needs and carries the highly regarded Nolan Ryan name,” said Breetz, adding that the partnership supports the growth and viability of local Texas ranchers by expanding the purchase of beef from additional ranchers statewide.

    “Working with Kroger for the past eight years, we appreciate the rich Texas history and legacy that is synonymous with the Kroger brand,” said Nolan Ryan, spokesperson for the eponymous Huntsville, Texas-based supplier, whose all-natural beef comes from cattle born in the U.S.A., then raised and processed in Texas.

    Ryan says his beef brand prides itself on following “strict guidelines to ensure utmost quality.” In addition to USDA inspections, Nolan Ryan Beef’s cattle pass unique and strict protocol to guarantee tenderness utilizing state-of-the-art tenderness prediction technology pioneered by Nolan Ryan Beef.

    Kroger stores are now stocked with 21 fresh varieties of Nolan Ryan beef cuts that include:

    Boneless Ribeye Steak
    Bone-In Ribeye Steak
    Boneless Strip Steak
    Bone-In Strip Steak
    Chuck Roast
    Chuck Steak
    Flat Iron
    Ground beef
    Ground beef patties
    Ground chuck
    London Broil
    Porterhouse Steaks
    Shoulder Roast
    Shoulder Steak
    Sirloin Steak
    Tenderloin Steaks
    Top Round Roast
    Top Round Steak
    Tri Tip
    Whole Tenderloin

    Kroger's Southwest Division operates 208 stores, 198 pharmacies and 105 fuel centers in Texas and Louisiana and is part of one of the nation’s largest retail grocery chains serving customers in 31 states.

    Nolan Ryan’s All-Natural Beef, which markets Nolan Ryan’s Guaranteed Tender and Nolan Ryan’s Texas Beef lines, is an operation of Beefmaster Cattlemen and owned by baseball hall of famer and Texas rancher, Nolan Ryan, and several ranching partners.

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