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    Market Basket Goes ‘Outside-In' with Cooler Lighting

    Installed LED Garage and Canopy Luminaires in its store backroom

    DeMoulas/Market Basket, a 66-store New England grocery chain, has gone “outside-in” with its new LED deployment, installing outdoor LED fixtures to illuminate its inside backroom coolers.

    Initially designed and engineered by West Caldwell, N.J. –based MaxLite to illuminate parking garage structures, the 40-watt LED fixtures were used to replace 150- and 200-watt incandescent lighting in the backroom coolers of the supermarkets, where they store and stock cold beverages and food.

    “We initially used MaxLite’s LED fixtures in six Market Basket grocery stores in New Hampshire and Massachusetts,” said John Maria, VP of Design Lighting and Electrical Supplies, Inc. “Currently we are using the energy efficient lighting for two new stores that are under construction in Manchester, New Hampshire and Bourne, Massachusetts.”

    According to the vendor, MaxLite’s surface mounted LED lights use just 40 watts to deliver up to 3150 lumens. At a color temperature of 5000K, the fixtures have a 50,000-hour life at L70 standards, which is 50 times longer than the traditional incandescent lighting that was replaced by the next generation of fixtures. Designed with a self-contained LED driver, the new LED fixtures are maintenance-free and do not have to be replaced for up to six years, based on 24 hours a day operation.

    The luminaires, which are universal voltage and operate on 120- to 277-volt electrical systems, use proprietary LED binning for color consistency and highlight a 98 percent power factor with a 120-degree beam angle. The LED modules are copper plated to provide high thermal transfer rate to minimize junction temperature and maximize the service life. The heavy-duty cast aluminum one-piece housings are polyester powder coated to guard against rust and corrosion and sealed against dirt and bugs. The lenses are crafted of high quality shock proof polycarbonate with UV inhibitors.

    Engineered to operate in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit, MaxLite luminaires were ideal for illuminating the cooler areas in the backrooms of the Market Basket.

    The Demoulas Market Basket stores, which are more commonly known as Market Basket, comprise a growing chain of 66 supermarkets in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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