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    Meijer Expands mPerks to Baby Items

    Digital coupon program helps customers save on newborn, toddler supplies

    Meijer is expanding its mPerks digital coupon program to include rewards on baby merchandise purchases, allowing customers to personalize their rewards and earn $10 off their shopping purchases for every $100 they spend on items like diapers, baby wipes, training pants and toddler food.

    The Grand Rapids, Mich.-based retailer recently launched the mPerks Baby Rewards program after surpassing 1.7 million mPerks subscribers and saving enrolled customers $25 million so far this year. Each week, as many as 45,000 customers sign up for the free online program, Meijer reports.

    "There are so many purchases parents make every week, so Baby Rewards is just one more way we are going beyond our everyday low prices and weekly specials to help shoppers save based on their buying habits," said Michael Ross, Meijer's VP of customer marketing and emerging technology. "We are really hoping customers will take advantage of being an mPerks member, especially now that there are even more savings at the checkout."

    Baby Rewards is the second expanded offering added to mPerks this summer. In August, Meijer introduced Pharmacy Rewards, allowing customers to personalize their savings and earn rewards in the areas they shop the most whenever they fill a prescription.

    To earn Baby Rewards, customers enter their mPerks number and PIN at checkout, then track their progress toward their next credit. Customers can also hang onto their rewards and stack their savings for every $100 they spend. For each reward credit, a $10 savings is added, so that two credits means you can redeem a $20 reward offer and five credits can result in $50 off your next shopping trip. Consumers can also keep track of their savings by visiting mperks.com and using the baby rewards meter to help measure their progress.

    Meijer launched mPerks in fall 2010 as a faster and more convenient way to clip coupons. Ross said the program has a redemption rate up to four times higher than the national average and recently reached a milestone of 200 million total clips.

    To start earning baby rewards, customers just go to mperks.com and sign up in the "rewards" section. They are then able to preview and select coupons for their favorite national or Meijer own brand products that are stored in their personal mPerks account until redeemed or expired. The applicable coupons are instantly redeemed when shoppers enter their mobile phone number, which serves as the mPerks account number, at checkout.

    Meijer operates 203 supercenters and grocery stores throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. 

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