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    MilkPEP Campaign Touts Beverage’s High-quality Protein

    New video series compares protein in milk to that of other breakfast items

    To educate consumers on milk’s high-quality protein, the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP) and lead agency Deutsch, Inc. NY, the team behind the Milk Mustache campaign, developed a new video campaign to spotlight the 8 grams of protein in each 8-ounce serving of milk.

    “We want to capture America’s attention with a quirky tone and remind them that milk is a good source of high-quality protein,” said Julia Kadison, VP, MilkPEP. “While most Americans know milk is nutrient-packed, they tend to think of calcium and vitamin D, forgetting that milk is a great-tasting, versatile and natural source of protein as well.”

    The Protein Fight Club campaign depicts milk in a series of humorous breakfast battles that showcase how its protein stacks up against the competition. The video vignettes, produced by writer and film director Eric Wareheim, feature milk going head-to-head with some of breakfast’s biggest contenders, including orange juice, an omelet, a breakfast burrito and a bagel with cream cheese.

    The Protein Fight Club campaign also is helping Americans stay healthy with a promotion that gives away a free gallon of milk every minute for eight weeks, and giving one person each week a chance to win free milk for a year.

    The campaign was highlighted today during an event at New York’s famous Gleason’s Gym, which featured best-selling author and nutritionist David Grotto, WWE wrestler and EVP Triple H, and his wife Stephanie McMahon -- also a wrestler and WWE executive -- who each discussed the benefits of milk-based protein.

    “Spreading out your protein throughout the day can optimize how your body uses it – and that means making sure you include enough protein at breakfast,” said Grotto. “But not all protein is created equal. Milk protein is a complete protein. Many plant protein sources are missing some of the building blocks your body needs.”

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