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    Manufacturers Offering Healthier Foods: GMA Report

    More than 30K nutritious products marketed between 2002-2013

    Food manufacturers marketed more than 30,000 healthier products between 2002 and 2013, including 10,000 throughout the last four years, according to a report by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA).

    Reponses to the 2014 Health & Wellness Survey revealed that food and beverage companies eliminated or reduced trans fat in more than 11,000 products; eliminated or reduced saturated fat in more than 8,000 products; reduced sugar/carbohydrates in more than 5,500 products; reduced the calorie content of more than 5,500 products; and reduced sodium in more than 6,500 products.

    “Consumers want to eat better and they want to do so in a way that fits their lifestyles," said GMA President and CEO Pamela G. Bailey. "America’s food and beverage companies have made available to consumers thousands of new and reformulated product choices that are less in calories, fats, sugar and sodium to help them build healthy diets for themselves and their families.”

    Additional highlights from GMA's survey include:

    • 94 percent of companies are promoting healthy eating and active living to consumers through a variety of channels, including websites and front-of-pack labeling such as Facts Up Front.
    • 46 percent of companies have introduced single-serve packaging to help consumers manage their caloric intake.
    • Since 2002, food and beverage companies have spent more than $300 million in nutrition and health-related activities and grants to communities.
    • 72 percent of participant companies partner with public health organizations.

    The 2014 GMA Health & Wellness Survey, conducted by Georgetown Economic Services, included responses from 69 companies.


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