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    Dutch Yellow Potatoes (DYP): The Perfect Everyday Potato Cookbook

    Melissa’s Produce adds another installment to specialty cookbook series

    Los Angeles-based variety produce distributor Melissa’s Produce has added another informative installment to its specialty cookbook series with the latest focusing on the Dutch Yellow Potato (DYP).

    Described as "the perfect cooking potato with its creamy texture, buttery flavor and year-round availability," Melissa’s DYP cookbook features 154 recipes, grouped according to the four seasons of the year and incorporating the fresh harvests of the day to enhance, support and combine with the tasty tuber.

    The spring recipe group, for instance, consists of an array of fresh salad ideas that marry the versatile DYP – which remain dense and moist when cooked – with the first leafy greens of the harvest season, as well as other early spring crops.  Summer, meanwhile, focuses heavily on grilling recipes, as well as a selection of potato salads that could fill several picnic tables. Hearty fare is the theme of the fall section of DYP recipes, including lots of warming soups, creamy mashed dishes and some deliciously creative purées, while the winter potato recipes reflect the season with slow-cooked stews, gratins and oven roasting.

    The hardcover DYP Cookbook is a great addition to any home chef’s reference collection and the perfect gift for the gourmet potato aficionado. The book’s introduction includes an interesting historical recounting of potato culinary history, while stunning and instructive dish photography captures each recipe so perfectly that the reader can almost taste each dish on paper.

    Naturally small and uniform in size, the Dutch Yellow Potato – which cooks a lot quicker than other kinds of potatoes – is grown exclusively for Melissa’s by its grower-partner in the Magic Valley region of southern Idaho.

    Easy to navigate and understand, the information-packed DYP cookbook – written by food experts Sharon Hernandez and Chef Ida Rodriguez of Melissa’s Produce – is available in both hardbound and softbound editions nationally.

    An ideal accompaniment for any retail produce department, copies can be ordered from Melissa’s Produce at 800-588.0151 or www.melissas.com.

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