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    Southeastern Grocers Confirms Executive Reshuffling

    Bi-Lo split into East, West divisions

    Southeastern Grocers

    Southeastern Grocers (SEG), parent company of Bi-Lo, Harveys and Winn-Dixie, has confirmed reports of an organizational and executive leadership reshuffling, including several departures and the restructuring of its south Florida division.

    In an internal memo undersigned by President and CEO Ian McLeod, the Jacksonville, Fla.-based regional retailer's Harveys banner required new leadership to maximize its potential, so Bill Nasshan, most recently SEG chief merchandising officer, was chosen to helm the division, with stores in South Georgia and North Florida, as managing director. Nasshan will also manage SEG's south Florida Winn-Dixie stores and report directly to McLeod.

    "Harveys has undergone considerable change in the past year since the stores became part of the Southeastern Grocers group," McLeod noted in the internal memo. "While many of the changes have been positive, there have been other changes that have not been as successful as we might otherwise have wished. One of the main reasons for this is due to Harveys not being given the opportunity to truly maintain its own identity and that which its customers had grown to expect. In order to ensure that the Harveys brand is given the time and attention it deserves, I believe it requires new leadership to pull together the stores, the assortment and the pricing to deliver more effectively for the Harveys customer."

    McLeod's memo continued: "Similarly, Miami is a multifaceted region of our geography with a diverse customer base by demography and ethnicity. This diversity and complexity requires strategic focus to ensure our stores appeal to all of our customers in South Florida."

    Emphasizing "the importance of these two markets to our company, and the size of the opportunity," McLeod went on to say: "South Florida has been regarded as Miami. However, it is quite clear that it is far more complex as a region to believe that a 'one-size-fits-all approach' will appeal to our diverse range of customers there. It will require a more considered approach to assortment and pricing to ensure appeal to all customers; from traditional American backgrounds, the various Hispanic communities, those more affluent living north of Miami or visiting the Keys and also our strong Jewish population.

    "Bill brings a wealth of experience in both merchandise and stores, and he is particularly familiar with the South Florida market. For all of these reasons and more, I believe Bill is ideally suited to maximize our opportunities. …Given his extensive experience in both merchandise and stores, he is ideally suited to lead our rejuvenation in each of these markets."

    While "no decision has been made on a chief merchandising officer replacement for Bill," McLeod said that Mike Bove, group VP of fresh merchandise, and Dewayne Rabon, group VP of center store, will take on interim roles and report directly to him. Rabon also will add responsibility for pharmacy, private label development and supplier diversity, while John Fegan, Jason Ulichnie and Derek Lott will now report to Rabon. Reid Boylston, director of rural merchandising, meanwhile, will report to Bove until further notice.

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