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    Progressive Grocer's Top 20 Stories of 2015 - #9-10

    PG lauds Top Women in Grocery; Trader Joe's named Market Force fave

    #9 -PG Presents 2015 Top Women in Grocery

    Honorees include 75 Senior-level Execs, 184 Rising Stars, 41 Store Managers

    Published June 5, 2015 - "Long before formal movements were established to encourage and empower women to lean in and step up, Top Women in Grocery has served as a tenacious catalyst trumpeting the fact that in an increasingly competitive marketplace, female decision-makers are an inherent, advantageous asset that progressive organizations are astutely aware can’t be ignored," said Meg Major, PG's Chief Content Editor. Read More

    #10 - Trader Joe's Leads Market Force Ranking of Favorite Grocers

    Aldi leads in value; ShopRite offers best promotions, survey says

    Published May 12, 2015 - A study of more than 7,200 consumers found that Trader Joe’s is America’s favorite grocery retailer for the third year in a row. Publix ranked a close second and Aldi was third. The study was designed to uncover consumers’ grocery-shopping habits, including the brands they prefer, why they prefer one to another, how they engage with various grocers and their social media use. Read More

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