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    How Specialty Cheese Drives Overall Category Profits


    Wednesday. May 18, 2016 | 2:00 pm ET | Duration: 1 hour

    About this webcast:

    How Specialty Cheese Drives Overall Category Profits
    New Research Shows that Today’s Shopper Wants Unique Tastes and Variety

    Specialty cheese is no longer an ornamental sideline to the diary case—it’s a destination for today’s shopper.  Retailers that are focused on the trend are capturing significant new revenue—at higher margins—as well as driving overall dairy sales and profitability growth.  Research shows that today’s consumer is attracted to variety, quality, and the taste of specialty cheese. Yet the industry has been slow to respond, to the tune of nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars in unrealized potential revenue last year.

    This exclusive webinar will showcase research recently conducted by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board and Carbonview Research. It will provide fresh insights about today’s cheese shopper and tactics to leverage the appeal of specialty cheese to boost overall shopper perceptions of your total retail experience.

    You’ll find out how consumers shop, what defines premium specialty cheese, and how to build a smart, cost-effective program that delivers proven results. All based on exclusive new research.


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    Katharine (Tanner) Van Dusen

    VP, Research

    Carbonview Research

    Jen Walsh

    Director of Market Research

    Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board



    Jim Dudlicek


    Progressive Grocer



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