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    United Fresh Names Innovative Product Finalists

    Show attendees will vote on winners

    United Fresh revealed a record 49 new products as finalists for its 2016 Produce Innovation Awards, which will compete in five categories for the title of Best New Product at United Fresh 2016, June 20-22 in Chicago, where attendees will be able to vote for winners.

    “Once again, we have a record of 49 finalists (45 in 2015) for our Produce Innovation Awards – a clear indicator that the fresh produce industry maintains a healthy competitive edge pushing itself in new and creative ways,” said John Toner, United Fresh’s VP of convention & industry relations. “We’re proud to showcase these innovative products at United Fresh 2016, which continues to be the industry’s home for innovation in fresh produce.”

    “Innovative new products like these are an essential element of the success of the fresh and fresh-cut produce industry, said Tom Stenzel, United Fresh’s President & CEO. “Produce Innovation starts at United Fresh and these finalists exemplify the ingenuity of our industry to remain on the front lines of creativity.”

    The 2016 Produce Innovation Awards finalists will be displayed at the United Fresh Membership Booth, on the trade show floor at United Fresh 2016 in Chicago where attendees will have the opportunity to cast their votes for their favorite new and innovative products on Tuesday, June 21 and Wednesday June 22. The winner in each category will be determined by total votes received as of 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, June 22. United Fresh will announce winners at the Membership Booth on Wednesday, June 22 at 3:00 p.m.

    The 2016 Produce Innovation Awards finalists:

    Best New Food Safety Solution

    Interactive Handwashing Training
    LGMA Tech (a part of the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement) – Booth #2548
    Hand washing is a critical food safety practice in the production of fresh produce crops.  This Apple and Android app provides interactive training for workers on proper hand washing and glove usage.  It is available in English and Spanish, free to download and can be delivered anywhere.  

    Lightning NFC In-Transit Temperature Monitoring System
    Cargo Data Corporation – Booth #1446
    Lightning NFC brings smart technology and transparency to in-transit temperature monitoring and arrival quality documentation. As soon as the Lightning NFC temperature recorder is retrieved by Receiver/Inspector, it’s held back to back to a smartphone or tablet for instant data transfer and viewing of the full temperature chart and details.

    FarmLogix, LLC – Booth #2460
    CloudSlot maintains full chain of custody transparency for all participants in the supply chain with a low-cost FSMA-compliance tool for farmers, virtual slot segmentation for distributors, and a by-farm online order entry system for customers. Unique SKU-mapping delivers metrics, both nationally and by location, by farm, product, spend and miles.  

    Locus Traxx Worldwide – Booth #1614
    The 60-day battery life of the GO XL Lux helps you monitor the temperature and location of your cargo as it travels across the world. This innovative technology senses light, alerts you when your products are at risk on the road and records when doors are opened at the dock.

    NatureSeal First Step+ 10
    NatureSeal, Inc. – Booth #1811
    A produce wash comprised of organic acids and hydrogen peroxide for whole and cut fruits and vegetables. Co-developed with the USDA, this patent-pending, FDA-approved solution is an easy to handle alternative to chlorine. It is highly effective against pathogenic bacteria and OMRI listed for use on organic produce.

    RedLine Solutions – Booth #2250

    MyProduce.com is a web-based tool enabling grower-shippers to achieve supply chain visibility, while increasing productivity. Operated through intuitive multilingual interfaces, which support fast, error free data collection and real time knowledge of inventory volumes and locations. The system addresses labeling needs, manages packing operations and enables order validation.

    Best New Fruit Product

    Bing Crisp
    Bing Beverage Company – Booth #1447
    Made with both Bing Cherry and (three different types of) Apple juices, Crisp is the newest addition to the Bing lineup. Unique and refreshing Crisp is lightly carbonated and moderately caffeinated. Made with natural colors and flavors, 5 B-Vitamins, and 100 percent Vitamin C. The full lineup of Bing beverages are diabetic-friendly with low sugar and low calories.

    Crunch Pak Blendz
    Crunch Pak – Booth #1832
    Crunch Pak Blendz is pure fruit puree packaged in a squeezable pouch featuring licensing from Disney, Marvel and Lucas films. Our pouches are just fruit and Vitamin C. No added juices, concentrates or sugars, so parents can feel good about providing something healthy with characters kids are excited about.

    Smuccies Sweet Strawberries
    Mucci Farms  – Booth #2232
    Smuccies Sweet Strawberries are bursting with delicious strawberry flavor! Perfect as a sweet snack, in salads or smoothies, these tasty treats are greenhouse grown in Canada and always in season.

    Pro2 snax
    Reichel Foods – Booth #2226

    A combination of fresh sliced apples, nuts, dried fruit, cheese and proteins packaged in single-serve stay fresh trays. 6 flavor combinations available.

    Garden Highway Tropical Juicing Kit with Ginger
    Renaissance Food Group – Booth #1226
    Garden Highway’s Tropical Juicing Kit is a flavorful combination of red & green apples, juicy pineapple, zesty lemon, and fresh ginger. This 15.75 oz kit features premium labeling and juicing instructions, which suggest pairing with greens. This Kit is one of seven in a family of Garden Highway Juicing Kits.

    Best New Packaging

    Cherry Pop-Top Lid
    CMI – Booth #1741
    CMI’s Signature Sweet cherry pop-top lid offers retailers a unique way to market Red and Rainier cherries. To create an impactful display, simply pop the lid open and lock it in place to reveal sweet, juicy cherries inside. This package is the first of its kind and will revolutionize the way cherries are displayed at retail.


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