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    The Future of Food

    Striving to connect food to values, well-being

    The marketing and cultural intelligence firm, sparks & honey,  has just released their “Future of Food” study, which describes the struggle between living to eat and eating to live for the global population and details the differences between generational wants and needs.

    The report praises the restaurant industry for evolving and reinventing itself citing “culinary ingenuity and gathering inspiration from up-and-coming generational groups that are reimagining food culture.”

    These “foodies,” the report says, are injecting new life into dining out by demanding more experiential experiences that are unique and memorable (maybe as fodder for their Instagram posts?). They want foods that go beyond the norm. As I’ve said before, this is a group that never wants to eat the same thing twice in their lifetime!

    There is also the free-from trend that wants simpler ingredients, no GMOs, antibiotic free, a short list of ingredients and favor brands with sustainable practices. And they are willing to pay for it. It’s a bigger food picture view than we have ever seen from consumers. 

    The “Future of Food” also talks about how younger, adventurous consumers want dining out to be more sensory, and engaging beyond aromas and taste. Gone are the flat screen TVs playing sports as we see in-house audio and visual elements are being used to create a more ambient dining experience. 

    Food mashups, emotional mood foods with ingredients that combat stress, enhance happiness, boost energy or infuse an aphrodisiac continue to trend. 

    Both the foodie and younger more adventurous groups, according to sparks & honey, are striving to connect food to their own values and greater sense of well-being.




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