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    Meijer Expands Credit Card Benefits

    Retailer boosts gasoline discount, adjusts cash-back thresholds

    Meijer is expanding the rewards offerings for its credit card portfolio that includes its private label Meijer credit card and Meijer MasterCard.

    The enhancements also make it easier for card holders to redeem rewards more quickly. Card holders will receive a $10 Meijer Reward Certificate for every $750 spent on the card. New card holders will also receive $10 off their first purchase using the card at any Meijer store.

    Additionally, consumers with Meijer credit card and Meijer MasterCard card now receive a 10-cents-off-per-gallon discount on Meijer gas when purchased with their Meijer credit card at any of the retailer’s 202 gas stations.

    More Practical Incentives

    “We are proud to offer these new expanded benefits to Meijer credit card holders, making our programs more attractive for both existing card holders and potentially new customers,” said Marisa Thompson, Meijer’s VP of promotional planning and business development. “Our card holders wanted more reward options and ways to earn rewards faster. We feel adding more practical incentives will enable card holders to realize the value of our program much quicker and more often.”

    In the past, Meijer credit card holders received 10 percent off their first purchase at Meijer stores and 5 cents off per gallon on Meijer gas. Meijer MasterCard holders earned 10 percent off their first purchase at Meijer stores, 5 cents off every gallon every day at Meijer gas stations, and rewards certificates with values of 5 percent off grocery, and health and beauty, and 15 percent off general merchandise for every $1,500 spent at Meijer stores and outside of Meijer stores.

    In addition, new Meijer MasterCard holders will receive a $100 statement credit, or $100 off their next bill, if they spend $1,000 on non-Meijer store purchases within 90 days of activation.

    Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Meijer operates 230 supercenters and grocery stores throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin.

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