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    PFMA’s Money Order Div. Marks Silver Anniversary

    MEMO evolves as one of nation’s largest money service businesses

    Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association’s (PFMA) Merchants Express Money Order Company, Inc. (MEMO) subsidiary is celebrating 25 years of quality products and services this year.

    The Harrisburg-based trade association, which represents supermarkets, convenience stores and affiliated businesses throughout Pennsylvania, established MEMO at the request of its members in 1986. Having since grown to become one of the nation’s largest money service businesses with operations in 20 states and Washington, D.C., MEMO offers products to consumers through a diverse base of retailers, including supermarkets, c-stores, check cashers, university book stores, insurance agents, dollar stores, pharmacies and travel agencies.

    “Our agents, quality products and our dedicated associates have contributed to MEMO’s steady growth and success through the years,” said Tanya Butler, president, MEMO. “Our retailers’ commitment to our products has ensured a successful expansion of our product suite and has brought new customers to their stores. Additionally, our long-term associates have contributed to providing unsurpassed customer satisfaction throughout the years.”

    MEMO offers a range of money service products that meet the needs of consumers, such as money orders, bill payments, prepaid wireless and long distance calling cards, and debit and credit card /EBT processing services.

    To expand its operations, MEMO established several business subsidiaries to concentrate in specific markets. They are MEMO Money Order Company, Inc., MEMO Money Order Company of New York, Inc., and Merchants Express U.S.A., Inc.

    MEMO’s staff includes more than 40 associates, including dedicated customer service, sales, support, compliance, research and development, marketing, equipment, maintenance and help desk support teams, among others.

    For more information, visit www.memoco.com.

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