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    PG Store Design Spotlight: Cosentino’s Price Chopper

    Best Store Remodel (Under $3 Million)

    Runner-up, Best Store Remodel (Under $3 Million)

    Cosentino's Price Chopper

    Owner: Cosentino Food Stores Inc.

    Neighborhood: Leawood, Kan.

    Designer: AWG Design and Décor Source Group

    PG’s Favorite Design Element: With a remodel themed around family and the store’s local neighborhood, Cosentino’s customers are greeted by white product stages that offer a “fresh, clean” appearance, with hand-painted produce on the soffit adding color and mass to the product below.

    The loose style painted technique -- designed to resemble road stand signage -- offsets the horizontal bands along the undulating soffit to make the space visually longer, and the highest color rendering LED technology is employed to illuminate the product with 200 foot-candles of light.

    Most Progressive Features

    In celebration of the store’s Italian heritage, the Soho-inspired deli and salad bar boast beautifully aged copper panels with horizontal hand-lettered bands comprised of white-washed wood. The banding creates great visual length while the vertical panels create a tall scape. Framed by the floor and white banding, the back wall was finished in Scuffmaster white to focus attention on the product.

    A two-level undulating soffit is used in the meat department. Horizontal, hand-lettered bands on the lower soffit add visual length to the space, while the addition of the upper soffit enhances the space.

    A mural of a picnic scene invites guests into the seating area where refreshing images of coffee, iced tea and pouring soda call attention to the drink bar. Scuffmaster applied to once-tired walls brings new life to the store’s bakery, with real plaster detail and hand-painted, department-themed images to finish the market look.

    Hot Trends

    The fresh floral department’s “Greenhouse” look was created using monochromatic acrylic panels, trimmed in hand-washed mullion strips and a custom trellis, complete with a copper rail to stage the floral.

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