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    PG Webcast: Driving Awareness In Deli Prepared Foods

    E.W. James & Sons and N.G.A. CEO to discuss deli promotions that drive business

    You may have the strongest deli offerings around, but if your shoppers aren't aware of them, they may as well not exist. During this webcast, which is sponsored by Tyson Deli, E. W. James & Sons dir. of marketing Steve Hilton, National Grocers Association CEO Peter Larkin, and Tyson Deli dir. of sales development Eric LeBlanc will discuss strategies for driving awareness of your deli operations to increase traffic -- and more importantly --increase trial of your deli offerings.

    Among the topics to be discussed are:

    • Industry benchmarks in driving awareness
    • The importance of driving trial
    • Various types of promotional vehicles -- such as signage and sampling -- and their effectiveness
    • The power of cooking demonstrations, and how to leverage them
    • Inside-out: Bringing your deli offerings to local events, charities, etc.
    • Leveraging social media to spread the word.

    Event Date: 05/19/2011 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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