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    Pro’s Ranch Markets Completes Rollout of Price Management Software

    The Hispanic grocer is using the system to standardize pricing.

    Hispanic-format grocer Pro’s Ranch Markets this week finished the installation of a centralized, rules-based price management solution to standardize pricing best-practice disciplines for consistent execution of its price strategy.

    The grocer is using the Retalix HQ application, which provides item, vendor, and inventory management capabilities, and enables grocers to control authorized items, sources of supply, costs, and prices.
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    “Retalix HQ enabled us to move from a decentralized to a centralized pricing system,” said Jeff Provenzano, VP of information technology for Pro’s. “By automating the process, we have a much higher level of confidence in our pricing integrity and efficiency.”

    The system is integrated to Pro’s the ISS45 point-of-sale (POS) system from Retalix subsidiary StoreNext Retail Technologies, enabling the retailer to rapidly communicate price changes from its Ontario, California, headquarters to more than 350 POS terminals across the organization. “It’s a highly integrated, state-of-the art solution that’s also very easy to use,” Provenzano said. “We felt that combination best met our needs for price management.”

    Pro’s currently uses Retalix Category Analyzer for tracking item movement and Retalix Bill Back Manager for capturing earned promotional dollars from suppliers. The company expects to begin deploying Retalix Store for back door receiving in April and plans to be using it in all stores by the summer. Since 2004, the regional independent has also subscribed to StoreNext’s Connected Store Reporting and Analytics and Connected Loss Prevention Internet-based applications for store management and operational analysis.

    Pro’s operates 11 stores in four states: five stores in Arizona, four in California, one in Texas, one store in New Mexico, a restaurant, a gas station, an 80,000 square foot corporate office and warehouse in California and a 130,000 square foot warehouse in Phoenix.

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