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    Ptacek’s Grills Record-setting Bratwurst

    Proceeds from 152-foot-long brat to benefit local park

    Ptacek's IGA in Prescott, Wis., has always been known for its generously sized bratwurst, but on Labor Day, the fourth-generation grocery store upped the ante by grilling a 152-foot-long bratwurst in its parking lot.

    The Ptaceks claimed a world record in 2012 when they grilled a 50-foot brat for the store's 100th anniversary. When Budweiser agreed to sponsor a second event - including an appearance by the brewer's famous Clydesdales - the Ptacek family tripled its 2012 goal.

    "I believe we only truly help the community when you give more than you ask back,” Rick Nechio, director of retail development for Budweiser, said of planning the event. “I was inspired by the retail community that ran independent fund raisers to support the new city park."

    The brat weighed about 80 pounds and required about 180 volunteers to roll it over on the grill so all sides were browned over the charcoal. "I haven't slept in about three weeks worrying about that bun," said Mike Ptacek, who baked the brat bun the day before on the same 152-foot-long cement block grill.

    Close to 7,000 people gathered in the parking lot where the brat was cut into pieces and sold on the spot. All proceeds will go to a new park -- named “Clydesdale” by the Ptacek family and the city of Prescott -- in honor of Anheuser-Busch’s support of the community.

    The event was followed by a Clydesdales parade, which made visits to Prescott City Hall, a neighborhood convenience store, the town's GMC Chevrolet Dealership and a local nursing home for those unable to travel to the record-breaking site.

    "Special thanks to Ptacek's family and the city of Prescott, Wis., for an overwhelming welcoming and hospitality,” Nechio added. “It was a great honor for Anheuser-Busch to have the World Renowned Budweiser Clydesdales in town. We made history in Prescott and set a new world record.”

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