Knowledge is Power: Digital Product Content Drives Supermarket Sales

Grocery retailing is no longer a bricks-and-mortar only endeavor. Today’s ever-expanding digital marketplace is creating new opportunities as well as challenges for grocery retailers.

Quick Stats

Quick Stats

    Table of Contents:

    • Making Sense of the Multi-Channel Marketplace
    • Why Care? It’s Simple—Digital Shoppers = Improved Sales!
    • Grocery Shoppers’ Digital Demands
    • Build a Strong Digital Foundation to Win Customers’ Hearts, Minds and Wallets
    • Tackling the Challenges of Digital Content Management
    • Turning to Digital Content Partners 

    The retail landscape has changed dramatically over the past several years. Today's shoppers are looking for engaged grocery buying experiences. Staggering statistics regarding consumers' adoption of digital devices, combined with tech-savvy millennials' soaring purchasing mean the availability of complete, accurate and up-to-date product information online that will be critical for grocers who want to succeed in this new, ever-evolving era of food retailing.

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