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    Shoppers Expands ‘Nutrition iQ’ Program

    Nutritional navigation program expands into fresh-food departments

    Shoppers Food and Pharmacy encourages healthy eating in 2012 with the expansion of its exclusive in-store nutritional navigation program, Nutrition iQ, to include the fresh-food departments.

    The expanded program, which also includes robust nutrition information for the center store, features additional signage, nutritional attributes and health benefit information, offering consumers an enhanced solution for identifying better-for-you foods.

    “At Shoppers, we strive to make healthy eating convenient and enjoyable,” said Shoppers registered dietitian Jennifer Shea. “The expansion of the Nutrition iQ program coincides with the new year, the perfect time to get on track and eat better-for-you foods as well as to create a healthy lifestyle.”

    Shea suggests that shoppers use the Nutrition iQ program to help them stay on top of these 2012 snacking trends:

    - Eat more often throughout the day, but in small amounts
    - Be on the lookout for new snacks

    Developed in collaboration with Joslin Clinic, part of an academic medical center affiliated with Harvard Medical School, Nutrition iQ uses color-coded shelf tags and signs on more than 3,200 food items throughout the store.

    Shoppers Food & Pharmacy, part of the Supervalu family of grocery stores, operates 56 stores in Baltimore, northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. 


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