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    Tanimura & Antle Bows New Artisan Lettuce Packaging

    The new scalloped clamshell packaging for four- and six-count packages of Artisan Lettuce aims to ensure freshness and a longer shelf life.

    Tanimura & Antle has unwrapped new scalloped clamshell packaging for its four- and six-count packages of Artisan Lettuce that aims to ensure freshness and a longer shelf life.

    Available for retail and club channels, the new lettuce package has been customized not only to protect each fully mature, petite lettuce head by cradling it in separate "scallops," but to also showcase the product's freshness and quality for a visually appealing appearance and unique look. What's more, the innovative package also uses as much as 12 percent less material than a typical square clamshell, which adds another element to its environmentally responsible scorecard.

    Additionally, the new clear labels on the four- and six-count clamshells enhance the eye-catching leaf colors, textures and varieties.

    "With our new top-of-the-line scalloped clamshell packaging, we're able to maintain the freshness and integrity of our product and provide our customers with not only convenience, but also an easy way to help preserve the earth's limited resources," said Rick Antle, CEO of the Salinas, Calif.-based Tanimura & Antle. "The introduction of this packaging goes hand-in-hand with our core business values of bringing only the highest standards of quality to the market."

    Every package of Artisan Lettuce Variety offers variety, color, texture, freshness, crispness and flavor. Lettuce varieties include Red and Green Petite Gem, Red and Green Petite Oak, and Red and Green Petite Tango. Each variety has been researched and developed to meet Tanimura & Antle's high standards of quality. Artisan Lettuce products come in a range of head counts to meet the needs of a variety of customers, including two- and four-count packages for retail, six-count packages for club stores and eight-pound cartons for foodservice.

    By offering whole heads that can be left intact until ready for use, Artisan Lettuce also provides a compelling alternative to packaged salads and blends. When properly stored, the product has a shelf life of more than two weeks. Additionally, Artisan Lettuce is a highly versatile product, perfect for everyday foods such as salads, sandwiches, burgers and garnishes.

    The variety of individual heads provided in each package further eliminates the need to purchase multiple heads of lettuce, and unlike packaged salads, allows for customized blends. Artisan Lettuce is easy to prepare -- just make one to two cuts, rinse, crisp and serve. The petite size and shape of each Artisan Lettuce head allows for quick and easy preparation, as well as flexibility in size and cuts.

    For more information, please visit www.taproduce.com.

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