Daily Crunch Nashville Hot Sprouted Almonds

Daily Crunch Nashville Hot Sprouted Almonds

The sixth and latest variety of woman-owned Daily Crunch, which offers superfood-infused sprouted nuts and a trail nut mix without added sugars, preservatives or additives, as well as minimal to no oil, is a vegan take on the iconic Nashville Hot flavor showcased in the spicy chicken made famous by the brand’s hometown. Natural monk fruit sweetener balances out the fiery spice of paprika and cayenne, resulting in a flavor-packed, medium-heat nosh that’s clean and packed with protein. Nashville Hot Sprouted Almonds is launching this month at e-grocer Thrive Market before rolling out to 900 stores by the new year. Sprouted nuts are said to be easier to digest, because the soaking process has released their enzyme inhibitors. The suggested retail price range per 5-ounce bag is $7.49-$7.99.



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