Quicklly Launches Brand Ambassador Program

Fans of South Asian e-grocer can earn up to $6K
Marian Zboraj
Digital Editor
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Quicklly Brand Ambassadors
Quicklly allows fans to share their love of South Asian cuisine through its newly launched Brand Ambassador program.

Online ethnic grocer Quicklly has launched a Brand Ambassador program to allow its loyal customers and digitally savvy fans to earn up to $6,000

Quicklly is focused on bringing an ever-increasing variety of grocery items, prepared food, meal kits and restaurant offerings to lovers of Indian and South Asian food from coast to coast. With nearly 5.4 million South Asians living in the United States, Quicklly is connecting this fast-growing and underserved population to authentic food through its comprehensive e-commerce marketplace.

"One thing we take great pride in at Quicklly is our role as the undisputed leader in knowing and listening to our customer base," said Keval Raj and Hanish Pahwa, co-founders of Chicago-based Quicklly. "Since we launched, our customers have been asking for ways that they could get more involved and share their love for Quicklly with their families and networks. That's why we're thrilled to launch this robust and digitally forward Brand Ambassador program. We can't wait to see how our committed fans make the brand their own." 

Anyone can join Quicklly's Brand Ambassador program, regardless of network size or social media follower count. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up on and receive a unique referral code.
  2. Check out the asset dashboard to select the visuals to accompany any post or create unique photo or video content. Be as creative as possible.
  3. Create a post and share with one's community using the hashtags #quickllybrandambassador, #indianfood, #indiangroceries. Repeat as often as desired. 

The unique referral code can be shared with family, friends and social media followers. Every time the code is used is a win for the ambassador and their followers – followers receive 10% off their Quicklly orders, and the ambassador earns a 10% commission, up to $6,000 per year. Brand ambassadors get to join an exclusive group of influencers who will be the first to know about Quicklly's new product offerings and special deals, along with other benefits.

Founded in 2017, Quicklly also provides a full digital presence for local businesses, connecting them to customers nationwide. For example, the company recently partnered with New York and New Jersey staple Mithaas Snacks, Drinks and Sweets to offer the local retailer’s traditional North and South Indian desserts for nationwide delivery.

Earlier in the year, Quicklly joined forces with Instacart to deliver  ready-to-eat meal kits nationwide. This is the first of two planned collaborations between the companies. During the second phase, also expected to launch this year, the companies will pair to provide local grocery delivery of Indian pantry staples such as spices and sauces.

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